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There are many places worth visiting in Croatia. In fact, too many to name all of them. Because of its geographical position, natural beauties, preserved tradition and overall uniqueness, Croatia can offer you an intense experience of the Mediterranean.

Griffon center for birds

Griffon center for birds has been established for the protection of birds in nature, especially birds of prey. Do you want more information, please visit their website!

DABA Travel

This holiday you want to spend your vacation with family, swimming and enjoying your time away from crowded urban areas? You want to spend time with friends, just having fun at sea? Want to discover traditions, history, culture and nature of Mediterranean life? Want to see how to move away from the coast and be surrounded by the sea? Want an adventurous trip? Team building? Go to DABA Travel!


The city of Zadar still has very old network of narrow romantic streets. The car-free city center with the main street called Kalelarga with many terraces, shops and boutiques breathes the ancient atmosphere and is the pride of the inhabitants of Zadar.


Zavratnica is a 900 meter long bay at the foot of the mighty Velebit Mountains, one kilometer south of Jablanec. It is one of the main attractions on the northern coast. Zavratnica is since 1964 protected area.

Plitvice falls

By a natural deposition process for thousands of years by the flowing water of the river Korana there are dams of travertine arise in Plitvice. These dams have a number of lakes in turn, formed caves and waterfalls. The park currently owns 16 lakes interspersed with 90 waterfalls. The forest in the park is home to bears, wolves and rare birds.


This unique island is a perfect combination of modern and traditional. Suitable for young and old, and an ideal destination for beach lovers with its beautiful beaches. Pag is known for their special lamb and cheese, but also to party beach Zrce. This beach is the location for the biggest beach parties in Croatia and throughout the summer visited by young people from across Europe.


Rab in Croatia, is an island of sun, with 2417 hours of sunshine per year it is one of the sunniest islands in Europe.
For lovers of active holidays there are numerous possibilities for practicing sport and recreational activities ranging from scuba diving, water skiing, surfing, rafting and more. The beautiful beaches and beautiful nature and the range of various events distinguish this island.

Gorski Kotar

In the hinterland of Rijeka transportation hub lie the mountains of Gorski Kotar. Here you can learn to perfect in the winter Alpine skiing, winter hiking or cross country skiing, hiking, biking or canoeing.

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